Book your place at the Circus Skills Workshop on Thursday, 31st March!

Why stay at home this break when we have an amazing Circus skills workshop at 3 House Club?! So take your most comfortable clothes and a daring attitude and come on over Thursday, 31st March from 11:00 to 15:00 o’clock! The workshop is 4 hours long, open to everybody (members and non-members) and includes also a lunch break! 

Don’t worry, all activities are specially designed for kids 4-8 years old! Our teacher is super experienced and she loves working with kids! Your little one will be happy to try and learn some spectacular circus tricks such as: holly hoops, hat juggling, trapeze and balancing!

Here’s Emily, our Circus teacher doing some amazing hat juggling tricks:

Sign up for this Circus workshop and gift your child with an experience in the magical world of circus!  The workshop costs £50 and covers activities + lunch. 

What your kid will get:

  • Lots of fun
  • New buddies
  • Learning co-ordination, balancing and spatial awareness skills
  • Chance to learn to entertain friends and family! 


Emily Fraser is a certified Circus Artist with experience in teaching kids Circus skills. She’s entertaining, funny and above all, patient with children. 


Source: Emily Fraser