7+ Entrance assessment talk – Saturday, 7th May.

We all want the best for our kids. And when it comes to schools, we wish our angels would go to the top schools in London. However, entering in one of these top schools is not easy. Sometimes they have extremely high standards, interviews and incredible competition.

So, in order to get the children pass the 7+ exam, we have to start preparing in advance. A considerable amount of study is necessary and also someone who can guide him: us, a tutor or the pre-prep school.

In case this is the path you want to choose for your little one, you’re invited to join our talk about the 7+ entrance assessment on Saturday, 7th May from 12:30-14:00.

Sapna Chamaria, a teacher and a private tutor will share her experience with you on the 7+ assessment, give tips and answer your questions.  She has prepared children for the  7+ entry at top academic schools in London, so she’s really one of the best persons to listen to. 

She will talk about:

  1. Areas covered by subject on the entry exams;
  2.  Areas to be discussed during the interview (both children and parent);
  3.  Useful resources to use in the preparation for the exam and how to plan the work.

Also, there will be time for individual Q&A after the presentation. So, make a list and book your place!

The price of this talk is £80 per person. Book your place below: