4+ assessment tips

If your child is going through 4+ assessment this year, we can share with you some tips that you may find helpful on the day:

  • Remember to dress your child in a comfortable clothes: if you daughter hates dresses dont make you look prettier just for the day if she will not be able to jump or play comfortably (as she may be asked to do something physical).
  • Make sure the basic needs are covered before the assessments (i.e. you child is not hungry and went to the loo).
  • Bring something to keep your child busy with something while waiting as assessment will start before your enter the room!
  • Consider someone else bringing the child to the assessment (father or nanny) if you son/daughter is having separation anxiety.

If you would like to be taken through the assessment process in details (how to work with your child to develop certain social and academic skills, what are 4+ assessment criteria, what materials and games to use in the process and more) - join us this Wednesday, November 11 at 19:00 for two hour workshop with Dr. Cara


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