4+ Assessment talk – Thursday, 12th May.

We're happy that our school talks have received such a positive feedback fom the parents! This week, on Thursday, 12th May, from 19:00 to 21:00 we'll discuss the 4+ Assessment. So, hope to see you at the club! 

4+ assessment talk

This workshop will be held by Dr. Cara, a Professor in Strategy at the University of Sussex, who has developed a brilliant structured approach for parents. Her method has helped many parents to work with their children at home to help them flourish academically long-term as well as be prepared for the assessment process.

Her own kids are a proof that her method is efficient: both of them have successfully passed the assessment to the top three academic schools. Now Dr. Cara is developing an app for the parents, runs private consultation for parents and also informal pre-assessments for children to identify areas parents need to focus on. 

The workshop will cover:
1) How to work with your child;
2) What areas you should work on and which material to use;
3) How to prepare for the assessment day.

The session is £120 per person. Book your place here: