4+ assessment made easy...

We fear unknown.  Having your toddler "interviewed" by strangers sounds absurd. We don't agree with it.. But still we go for 4+ assessment as we want our children to get the best.

It may give you peace of mind to know that there is a process how a qualified person can assess probability that a particular toddler will do well in a structured academic environment. It is not about spotting a genius, it is not about judging who is smarter at the age of 3.5. It is about making a judgement based on previous experience of the students profile, which child will do well academically in a structured environment.  And there are certain characteristics and as a parent you can prepare your child to his/her best during those assessments. It is not making your child into what he is not, but giving your child a chance to do well if he/she is the right person for the school.

If you have 2-3 yrs child and planning to sit 4+ assessment, Dr Cara's workshop is a must to all the parents.  Being a Professor in Strategy at University of Sussex, Maya has developed a great structured approached for parents how to work with their children at home to help them to flourish academically long-term as well as be prepared for the assessment process. The process proved to work as both of her own children successfully passed the assessment to the top three academic schools (one being a summer girl). Now Dr. Cara is developing an app for the parents, runs private consultation for parents and run informal pre-assessment for children to identify areas parents need to focus on. 

The two hour workshop on 4+ assessment will take place on Tuesday, March 1, 19:00 to 21:00.

The workshop will cover:
1) How to work with the child;
2) What areas to work on and which material to use;
3) How to prepare for the assessment day.

The sessions are £120 per person. Advanced booking only. Please sign up here. Profits will be donated to SHINE (www.shinetrust.org.uk), an education charity that provides extra English and Math support to disadvantages young people. Places are limited to 10. 

What parents say who attended a previous workshop: "The seminar of 4+ assessment was great! Very informative, detailed, honest and to the point. I liked the fact that Maya emphasised that all activities you do with your kids are for their own development and not just for the sake of the 4+ assessment. I will certainly make the most of her suggestions". Francesca, mother of 2 year old.

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