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Ballet with Maida Vale Ballet School

Offering a soft introduction to the ballet based on Royal Academy of Dance curricular. Boys and girls learn a gracefulness and musicality. Age 2-3

OFFERED: Wednesday at 9:15 - 9:45

SIGN UP: You can trial the class for £12.90 click here.






Ballet Instructor, Alex


What do you enjoy about teaching at 3HC?

I enjoy seeing the children grow, achieve and experience all there is to love about dance. We have lots of fun together and it’s so rewarding to see them perform on stage, pass exams or finally get something they’ve been struggling with. With the little ones it’s telling the ballet stories in class and being considered a special part of their routine each week. 

What do you do for fun?
I like to play with my children and take them to the park. I also enjoy reading, going to the theatre and going out for dinner. 

What was your favourite snack or cereal when you were young?

I used to love porridge because my mum would write our initials on the top in syrup. I was also a fan of Bourbon biscuits, which my grandad would share with me. 

What is one of your favourite parks, restaurants or cafes in the city?

I love Regents Park because it has everything. There are restaurants, art exhibitions, beautiful gardens, a sports hub, a theatre and even a zoo!