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Art and Artists for Toddlers

In this age group toddlers will be introduced to painting, with their parents’ gentle assistance. They will start with experiencing paint mixing for the very first time and gradually understanding the process.

The course emphasizes the creation of unique colours by the children starting from just the primary colours. They will also gradually gain fine motor skills and learn how to handle different types of brushes and pens. The learning process might be at times messy, as their natural curiosity towards colour mixing will be encouraged, so please bring along a change of clothes (the aprons we provide are sometimes difficult to put on by the little ones as they are still unfamiliar to them.

Children will be guided in looking at age-appropriate, carefully chosen examples from the history of art, and in children’s illustrated books in order to learn basic visual language skills, they will learn to recognise shapes and they will expand their vision of line, tone and colours. Their imagination will be stimulated, their vision enhanced and they will discover a great variety of painting styles in a fun and creative way. They will also sometimes create small toys, sculptures and puppets and try out basic printmaking techniques.

OFFERED: Friday at 11:15.

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Art and Artists for Toddlers Instructors, Ema


Emanuela Marcu is a London-based Romanian artist educator whose fine art projects range from painting, printmaking and installation art to collaborative, interdisciplinary art projects, participatory art and artistic interventions within the educational space.

Among her recent projects could be mentioned a collaborative art educational piece commissioned by the Watermans Gallery using sculpture, installation art, printmaking, collage and other media, as well as a piece reuniting the fields of fine art and theatre created for the educational department of the National Gallery.

Emanuela Marcu graduated from the Painting Department of the University of Art in Bucharest and the Philology Department of the University of Bucharest and holds a Fine Art MA degree awarded by Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, the University of the Arts London.

Her artistic language has been influenced by abstract expressionism, by conceptual art and the Fluxus movement and by the social sculpture of Joseph Beuys. She believes that her educational practice is a continuation of her artistic one and often tries to create projects that bring complex, interdisciplinary elements in the fine art field. She is a practicing artist, having exhibited in galleries and in unconventional, experimental spaces in London and internationally.

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What do you enjoy about teaching at 3HC? 

Children’s love for painting, their freedom and spontaneity inspire me a lot! The classes actually help me get ideas for my own art projects, they are collaborative spaces, where ideas are shared and explored. I love most of all their creative energy!

What do you do for fun?

I love to go out with friends to see live concerts or art shows, or just chatting and having a laugh.

What was your favourite snack or cereal when you were young?

My favourite snack was a special kind of cherry cake baked by mother.

What is one of your favourite parks, restaurants or cafes in the city?

I love St. James Park, and my favourite café is Coffee Circus in Crouch End.